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Main Office

  • 2465 South Kirkwood
  • Houston, TX 77077
  • Main Number: 281-496-6152
  • Fax: 281-496-7920
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Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®

Estate Advisor
  • Direct Line: 281-496-6152 ext. 201
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Al Zientek, the owner of Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®, A Professional Corporation, has been in business over thirty years, servicing primarily the west side.  A native Houstonian, Al graduated from St. Thomas High School and the University of Houston.  He is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner with a practice that focuses on estate planning and taxes.

Al is a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and Houston CPA Society.  He is on the TSCPA Advanced Estate Planning Committee and the Personal Financial Planning Committee.

Kathy Herbert, CPA

Tax Manager
  • Direct Line: 281-496-6152 ext. 214
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Kathy Herbert, CPA, is a junior partner and tax manager with Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®, A Professional Corporation.  A graduate of the University of Texas, she has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting.  She is a member of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and Houston CPA Society.

Eric Schneider

Wealth Manager
  • Direct: 281-496-6152 ext. 202
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Eric Schneider is a Wealth Manager with Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®,  A Professional Corporation.  Eric received his BA from the University of Texas.  He grew up in Houston and graduated from Strake Jesuit High School.

As an advisor and financial specialist, Eric focuses on the firm’s wealth management and consulting services.

Gayle Holt

Staff Tax Preparer and Bookkeeper
  • Direct Line: 281-496-6152 ext. 208
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Gayle Holt has 30+ years of experience working in accounting and tax departments and has been with Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®, A Professional Corporation, since 2003.  She is a tax preparer who works on business, estate, nonprofit, and individual returns. 

Anita Frewin

Office Administrator
  • Direct Line: 281-496-6152 ext. 209
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Anita Frewin handles administrative duties and is usually the person who will greet you at the front window and on the phone.  She also does bookkeeping and input of tax information.

Debbie Zientek

General Manager
  • Direct Line: 281-496-6152 ext. 212
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Debbie Zientek is the editor of the company's monthly newsletter, a financial services assistant, and handles firm administration.  A native Houstonian, Debbie graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Steve Marget

Estate Attorney
  • Direct Line: 281-556-3155
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Steve Marget is an estate attorney who has officed at Al Zientek, CPA, CFP®, A Professional Corporation, since 2005.  Al Zientek and Steve Marget often team up to provide estate services to a number of the firm's clients with Al preparing the plans and Steve drafting the necessary documents.

Steve received his law degree from the University of Iowa.  He moved to Texas in 1984 and is licensed to practice law in both Texas and Iowa.  He has over thirty years of estate, will, and trust experience as an attorney and bank trust officer in the administration of both personal trusts and retirement services in Houston.